Learn a little bit more about F.Dynamo1986 !

F.Dynamo1986 is a business that started with a young man named Francis that had a passion for helping people with their artistic needs! He saw that a lot of people in his area didn’t know where to get items made when it came to custom apparel, logo designs, promotional artwork, marketing materials, etc. He also saw that there was a customer need, so he put his mind to work and decided he would use his skill set to be the go to guy for art and apparel in the NYC area. 


Today, F.Dynamo1986 has over 15 years of experience at assisting customers in the NYC area with their artistic needs. One of the things we pride ourselves on, is “bringing ideas to life”! A lot of companies want the customer to have the artwork prepped and ready for production, but at FD86, we are the designers and the printers! And if you are having trouble expressing what it is that you want; we've got you covered. 


So feel free to reach out and start your order whenever you are ready. We can’t wait to hear what you have in mind!

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